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Excerpts... by way of quotes

About Tom Schiller:

“Tom is just this kind of happy-go-lucky, zany presence,” says Lauren Tom. “It’s like he doesn’t even have to say anything and you feel this sort of comic energy in the air.”

“I think we were both weird,” says Bill Murray. “We both fueled each other’s mischief. He can create fun out of thin air. I was able to do some mischievous things that he would think about doing but might not necessarily do on his own. I sort of supplemented his wickedness.”


“He brought some left-angle thinking that was needed,” says Dan Aykroyd, “and some out-of-the-mainstream, certainly European influences. He had an intellectual and absurdist slant on things.”

“He was never interested in being mainstream,” says Tom Davis. “He had a certain marvelous fault line, like with earthquakes, where wonderful ideas would erupt from, moving the tectonic plate of his skull. It was just a whole world in there, and it was always oozing with wonderful new ideas.”

About the short films on SNL:

“It was the sort of thing that I was interested in,” says Lorne Michaels. “I think Tom’s were a large part of the fabric of what that 70s show was, in the same way that Andy Kaufman was. I think Tom is a genuine artist.”

About Nothing Lasts Forever:

“He just talked about this movie he was going to do and he kept saying there was a part for me,” says Bill Murray. “He was asking people to be in his movie and his movie was going to be different than Animal House and The Blues Brothers. It was going to be something that was a little bit more of an art movie. That was sort of the cheese. It wasn’t going to be a big budget movie but it was going to be something we were going to be proud of when it was all over, yet we weren’t going to break the bank making it.”